DataBase Administrator
About the company

DualSoft, founded three decades ago in Niš, specializes in creating innovative solutions for the sports betting and gaming industry. The company has grown from transferring code on floppy disks to developing a complex system used globally. DualSoft prides itself on a blend of experienced and young talents working together on modern software solutions. Beyond technology, the company actively contributes to the local community and considers Niš not just a location, but a home. DualSoft's expansion includes opening new offices, reflecting their commitment to growth, innovation, and providing top-notch service in the industry.

About the job

About DualSoft:

Hello, we are DualSOFT, a product company founded by two individuals from Niš three decades ago. In addition to our dedicated work to provide clients with quality products in the form of complex software solutions in the field of sports betting and gambling, we love to have fun, participate in sports events, and celebrate our successes.

Position Description:

  • Installation, patching, and maintenance of Oracle RDBMS

  • Tuning of all Oracle components including SQL and PL/SQL

  • Verification and confirmation of all changes to production schemas

  • Oracle problem resolution

  • Daily monitoring of database performance and resource consumption, conducting stress tests

  • Verification and confirmation of all database design changes

  • Setting up and implementing backup and recovery strategies

  • Setting up and implementing failover techniques

  • Establishing data protection standards

  • Setting requirements for necessary infrastructure and future hardware needs (CPU, RAM, Storage, Network)

  • Collaboration with development teams

Required Qualifications:

  • 2+ years of experience in DBA roles

  • Knowledge of SQL and PL/SQL

  • Experience with Linux

  • PostgreSQL is an advantage

  • Ability to effectively analyze and interpret data

  • Responsible and goal-oriented

  • Attention to detail

  • Team player and knowledge sharer

  • Motivated for continuous learning and improvement



Health first! The possibility of private health insurance for all employees and their family members, as well as the organization of annual medical check-ups.


We nurture a culture of innovation. To facilitate education and professional development, our employees have access to the Udemy learning platform, as well as opportunities for personal choice of paid external educations. With joint soft skills workshops, we contribute to the personal development of each individual.


100% paid sick leave up to 30 days, 100% paid maternity leave. A minimum of 22, and a maximum of 28 days off per year (paid leave).


Team Building for all employees. Mini Team Building within each team. Joint activities and workshops. Celebrations of successes and various company milestones, organization of family and sports events.


Considering the active lifestyle and the importance of energy and team spirit, available to employees are: joint functional training twice a week, basketball and table tennis sessions, and participation in various IT leagues that promote sportsmanship and healthy competition.


Fresh fruits and vegetables, refreshments, snacks and sweets, coffee machine, various kinds of cereals and nuts.