September 04 2023

ChatGPT Tries Its Hand at Resume Reviews: The Surprises and Slip-ups

Bottom Line Up Front: Machines are cool, but humans in recruiting? Still the real MVPs.
Jelena Radojković
Founder & CEO

Bottom Line Up Front: Machines are cool, but humans in recruiting? Still the real MVPs.

So, here's the scoop. Recent buzz suggests 79% of recruiters feel they might become, well, obsolete in the recruitment scene. Meanwhile, a solid 56% are all in for human touch when it comes to hiring.

Enter the "No Robot Bosses" act proposed by U.S. Senators Bob Casey and Brian Schatz. The gist? Keep humans in the loop, especially when machines are everywhere in the workplace. Casey’s stance? Protecting folks from any techy mishaps in the office is key.

Given all the AI chat, we got curious: How would today's AI handle resume checks? Especially since, rewind to five years ago, Amazon ditched its AI recruiting buddy because it wasn't too fair to women.

So, the challenge? Get folks to test their CVs with ChatGPT and watch out for the AI's verdict. Spoiler: Robots might not be snatching up the recruiter job just yet. (And oh, no real names here, for privacy's sake.)

Where AI Got Picky:

Job-hopping or Just Exploring? An HR pro with a steady job record got flagged for switching roles back in 2007-2008. ChatGPT's two cents? Quick job jumps early on might look iffy. Another person, with only four changes in 18 years, got a similar side-eye from the AI.

Too Many Hats, or Just Talented? ChatGPT raised an eyebrow at an academic juggling roles like Associate Dean and Provost Fellow. AI’s worry? Too much on the plate. Real talk? This multitasking should earn brownie points, not doubts.

Diverse Experience or Drifting? One HR champ got this note: A background in mental health might seem out of place in HR. Their reply? If AI can't connect the dots between people skills in mental health and HR, there's some learning to do.

Gaps from Way Back: ChatGPT turned detective on a four-month job break from 2014. But seriously, four months isn’t all that long to find a new gig, right?

Oops Moments: Machines, they mess up too! ChatGPT goofed up reading a project manager's tenure. It flagged a non-existent job gap and mistook in-company promotions as job-hopping.

The Big Question:

So, is ChatGPT the new recruitment guru? It can give a snappy overview, sure, but there's a twist. It’s the human touch that deciphers, understands, and connects. Safe to say, our recruiter pals aren't packing up anytime soon. 🙌