How we can help

Our team offers following services:

  • Professional Consultation

    Pose any question or clarify the target company's job description, culture or product with the help of your dedicated recruiter.

  • Preference Discussion

    Let’s go into heavy details! Describe your requirements and preferences for your next IT position and company to help us find just the right fIT.

  • Full Mediation

    FindIT acts as your personal intermediary throughout the entirety of the recruitment process to provide easier communication and optimal working conditions.

  • Optimized –=Negotiation

    You are our priority! Our recruiters advocate your interests during the entire communication process with the IT company, advocating for optimal terms and conditions on your behalf.

  • First-day Support

    Here’s to a great start! We provide complete assistance for a successful start on your first day of work. Do not hesitate to reach out!

FindIT not only found a company that aligned with my goals but also negotiated a competitive salary package that I couldn't have imagined securing on my own. They took care of all the negotiations, allowing me to focus on preparing for my new position.

Ethan Carter

DevOps Engineer

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