Backend Developer
About the company

DualSoft, founded three decades ago in Niš, specializes in creating innovative solutions for the sports betting and gaming industry. The company has grown from transferring code on floppy disks to developing a complex system used globally. DualSoft prides itself on a blend of experienced and young talents working together on modern software solutions. Beyond technology, the company actively contributes to the local community and considers Niš not just a location, but a home. DualSoft's expansion includes opening new offices, reflecting their commitment to growth, innovation, and providing top-notch service in the industry.

About the job

Backend Developer

Job Description:

  • Develops and maintains our sports betting and casino platform.

  • Communicates with external collaborators for various integrations as needed.

  • Designs and plans the software systems we develop as required.

  • Applies best engineering practices daily (design patterns, clean code, documentation, security, etc.).

  • Monitors system performance in production and optimizes component performance.

  • Collaborates with team members and engages in interdepartmental cooperation.

  • Communicates in English with partner companies during integrations.


  • Possesses 5+ years of experience in designing and developing Java server-side (backend) applications.

  • Utilizes the following concepts and technologies in our solutions:

  • Basic and advanced Java programming concepts

  • Spring Framework, Spring Boot, Spring MVC, REST API, JPA, Hibernate, Jooq

  • SQL databases (Oracle/PostgreSQL)

  • NoSQL databases (Apache Cassandra, Redis, Elasticsearch)

  • Development tools (SVN, Maven, Git, Jenkins)

  • OOP, SOLID, and Clean code principles

  • Microservices architecture

  • Multithreading concepts

  • Messaging concepts and tools (Apache Kafka, RabbitMQ)

  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills.

  • Proactive in improving work processes.

  • Capable of managing time effectively and making decisions in a dynamic environment.